CARMICHAEL STUDIOS was established by Director, Rupert Carmichael, in 2008 with the aim of pursuing design excellence guided by sound environmental, social and economic principles. We specialise in a range of areas including landscape architecture, urban design, multi media 3D visualisation, graphic design and place making. Our skills and ideas allow us to seek and attain outcomes that achieve quality and value for clients, communities and the environment.

    We are an award winning boutique design studio run by senior landscape architects with local and international experience acquired over more than a decade of professional practice. We form a talented and committed team that works in an energetic and creative environment. We share a history gained through work on a range of projects, from the very large to the very small.

    In cautious times, we are mindful of the growing challenges facing people and environments. We seek to address these by creating balanced, quality spaces, places and solutions that cultivate healthy, innovative environments within the ever increasing constraints of our urban landscape. CARMICHAEL STUDIOS sees the potential for informed design to result in discernible positive outcomes for people, communities and the environment.

    CARMICHAEL STUDIOS collaborate successfully with other professions, disciplines and trades and appreciate the importance of close, open and rigorous working relationships. All our technical and design services are underpinned by efficient project management skills which can be applied to a wide selection of projects varying in size and complexity.

Download our Company Profile to discover more: CARMICHAEL STUDIOS PROFILE_2013_revA.pdf

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